tiistai 8. toukokuuta 2012


Example results:

To see more example images, see: http://t-tests.blogspot.com/2012/05/photorim-examples.html


The Photorim application is now available at Ovi Store for Nokia Symbian^3 devices (N8, E7, C6, C7, ...). If you have any questions, please contact tuomo(dot)hirvonen(at)gmail.com

Photorim is a new kind of way to manipulate photos by editing a "pipe" of overlaying filters. The principle is that the user doesn't have to know anything about photo editing, just what he/she likes. Photorim let's user pick a photo from the gallery of the phone and starts showing different versions of it, as modified thumbnails,  page by page.  User can pick a thumbnail he/she likes and the underlying effect is added into the pipe.

The start screen looks like this. User can either click on "A new image" of drag to right to pick to photo from the gallery he/she likes to work with.

After the photo is chosen from the gallery, Photorim loads it and prepares itself for work. When it's done, a following screen is displayed:

User can now either to click on the image, or drag to right to choose an effect(s) to add:

There are several different pages / types of effects. The page can be changed without choosing an effect from the current page by either dragging to right ("More effects") or clicking one of the three category icons at the bottom of the screen: Colors, Masks and Misc. These buttons will function as a shortcut and take user to a page with selected-type-of effect.

Every time the user selects and effect (by clicking a thumbnail) it will be added into the effect pipe and it is shown with an animation. The pipe looks like this while editing:

User can continue adding effects as long he/she likes. At any point he/she can click one of the four buttons on the pipe screen (from left to right): "close", "restart", "save to gallery and upload to facebook", "just save to gallery"

Photorim comes with Facebook upload-functionality. When the user is finished he/she can upload the modified photo into the Facebook by simply clicking a button. When he/she does this first time, the Facebook-login is shown. After that, the upload will be completely automated. 

When finished working with the picture. The following screen is displayed to indicate that there is nothing more to do than either restart or quit.

Have fun !

Known issues on version 1

- Photorim scans only the phone's memory (C:) and "Mass memory" (E:) for pictures, the memory card is not currently scanned.
- All the results are stored into the phone's memory (C:)
- Some people have reported problems with Symbian Anna devices. I highly recommend updating to Belle regardless of is the Photorim going to be used or not. It's much better and updating is free. Anna installer - update is anyway coming and it will arrive to store sometime this week (before 18.5) please update Photorim if you are an Anna user.